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How the 60mil Pool Liner Installation Process Works

  • Pool is to be broom clean and dry.  Our liner can be installed over most surfaces.
  • Fully adhere a 11 ounce polypropylene felt over the entire pool surface.
  • Adhere a 60 mil PVC liner onto the felt.  Install smooth  in the majority of the pool, with skip resistant material used on the shallow end and stairs.  Over lapping up to 3 inches.
  • Hot air weld all seams.
  • Install break line, lap lanes, stair nosing, depth markers and targets as required.  Black material is used.
  • Use a compression bar, hard PVC strips or PVC coated metal to terminate the liner.
  • Install compress flanges set onto a bed of sealant around all inlets, outlets, skimmers, lights , etc.
  • Check all seams.
  • Issue a 10 year non-prorated warranty.